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Christmas discount 2018_cuchilleriaamos



Christmas Discount

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 10% discount cutlery online

Amos Nunez at Frankfurt Fair 2017

Once again, Amos Nunez  will be at the very famous international Fair, Ambiente 2017, that will be held in Frankfurt (Germany), from 10th to 14th of february.




It is an important multisectoral fair, where you wiil discover all kind of home products, and indeed the ones of Cutlery sector.

Cutlery, not only from Albacete (Spain), but from others countries all around the world such as France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal,…will show their fantastic knives, novelties, projects and materials, and we will stay there to update, meet and learn of our profession colleagues.

We will keep you informed.

Warm regards.


Source: Ambiente 2017.




Children´s Drawing Contest “Amos Nunez”

One more year, the Municipal Cutlery Museum of Albacete holds the XIV edition of  Children’s Drawing Contest about Cutlery “Amos Nunez”, aimed at all children aged 5 to12 who wish to participate, and whose subject is the cutlery tradition,

From Amos Nunez cuchillero, we encourage all daddies, and even schools, registering children in this contest, the drawings can be submitted until December 2nd, there is still remaining time; this is a fantastic manner to promote our cutlery tradition among the little ones, so it can never get missed, and that cutlery profession continue from generation to generation.

Hence, we return to congratulate the Cutlery Museum of Albacete, to keep going year after year, now are fourteen, celebrating the children’s drawing contest, promoting the Albacete Cutlery among them, and teaching in a very educational way our cutlery tradition, children enjoy drawing and meanwhile learn a little bit of Albacete Cutlery.

Chapeau to the Cutlery Museum of Albacete!!!.

You can find the contest rules in MCA.

Source: MCA