Diary, Scenes of Albacete

Amós Núñez



Diary, Scenes of Albacete.

This is a diary agenda that aims to bring the reader to all those places in Albacete through scenes about the cutlery.

The author of all these illustrations is the great draftsman Daniel Pineda.

Edited by Municipal Museum of Cutlery from Albacete (Spain).

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We will enjoy illustrations of Catedral, Casa Perona, Recinto Ferial, Pasaje Lodares, Posada del Rosario, Centro de la Asuncion, alternated with the pieces drawings of Cutlery Museum and scenes of the artisans in their workshops.

Diary, Scenes of Albacete, begins with a calendar that gives way to the illustrated pages and that can be used as diary, calendar, travel book, etc. Following, a map of the city with the location of all the places that appear in the book, as well as a detailed description of all of them and of the different scenes.

It closes with a summary of Albacete history and its cutlery, in Spanish and English.

Amos Nunez