Nesmuk Folder SOUL Birch Burl Black

Nesmuk Folder SOUL Birch Burl Black

Nesmuk Folder SOUL Birch Burl Black.

Awesome handcrafted Nesmuk pocket knife made in Germany with an incredible finished, it does not show any gaps or externally visible rivets and screws.

The blade presents an special coating of the element Niobium,unique steel alloy riched with Nitrogen, which makes the steel extremely tough and resistant to corrosion, providing extreme sharpness and excellent cutting performance.

Extremely hard steel 60 HRC.

Blade 2.25mm thickness, hollowed blade, slip joint spring very accurate with two positions and liners of stainless steel.

Selected scales of Birch Burl Black with a Nesmuk logo on a beautifying rivet of stainles steel 

Include a leather sheath and special packaging.

Available on request.

Folder SOUL Birch Burl Black


This optimised steel structure enables an extensive service life and it is ideal for use as a cutlery knife.

Characteristics of Nesmuk Folder SOUL Birch Burl Black  

  • Blade length (cm): 8.7
  • Overall length (cm): 20  
  • Blade: steel alloy with Niobium
  • Handle: Selected scales of Birch Black Burl
  • Manufacturer: Nesmuk

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