Folding knife type "albaceteña" nº1

José Expósito

Navaja artesana tipo albaceteña


Handcrafted folding knife type "albaceteña" nº 1, from the anthologic collection of the typical folding knife from Albacete, blade of Mo-Va stainless steel, 2,75mm. thickness, hollowed blade, mirror polished, bolsters of alpaca, no plates, "teja" spring and rounded pull of stainless steel. Handle of buffalo selected.

A DVD is given as a present alongside the folding knife, in which two master artisans from Albacete, Mr. Jose Giraldo and Mr. Jose Exposito show how to make a handcrafted folding knife. 

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749,00 €

Length (cm):  9    

Blade:  Mo-Va stainless steel    

Handle: Buffalo    

Manufacturer:  Jose Exposito

Handcrafted folding knives