About Us

Amos Nunez, Cutler S.L.is a company based in Albacete, specialized in the sale of folding knivesknives and kitchen accessories.

Our experience dates back to 1955, the year in which Amos Nunez started in the craft of knives.

Today is the greatest exponent of the cutlery in Albacete, a professional who has always been involved in all movements Albacete business from ADECA (Campollano business association), FEDA (Entreprises Federation of Albacete), APRECU (Association cutlery companies), FUDECU (APRECU Foundation), architect of the monument located in the backpacker Altozano Square, founder of the Albacete school cutlery, which bears his name, which has been managing several mandates and founder of the Museum of cutlery, which has been CEO until 2011.

Our company is formed by a professional team with extensive experience in the field of cutlery, from Albacete, serves national and international level.

Thanks to this site, now we also conduct online sales.

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