Santoku knife Vulcanus Absolute ML by Felix Solingen

Felix Solingen

Cuchillo Vulcanus Absolute ML


Santoku knife Vulcanus Absolute ML by Felix Solingen.

Damascus Chef Santoku Knife Vulcanus Absolute ML high quality, made of japanese VG10 67 -layer Damascus stainless steel with high carbon content, the blade get its impressive look from hammered-finish technology which provides the knife with an archaic appearance.

Blade of 3mm thickness,  satin bolster of stainless steel and plastic handle of PA6 polyamide (nylon) for excellent grip and resistance. 

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Damascus Chef Santoku knife Vulcanus Absolute ML, manufactured by the famous company Felix Solingen with a great cutlery tradition since 1843, and located in the well-known City of knives from Germany, Solingen.

The VG10 Damascus combination, where the edge of VG10 is embedded in the Damascus steel by Japanese technique called Warikomi, which is considered state secret, implies the steel that corresponds to the edge is VG-10, which is found in the blade core, and the layers or laminates of the other stainless steels are Damascus steel, which wraps the VG10. These features give these knives an awesome sharpening and corrosion high resistance.

Due to special tempering treatment, the blade achieves a strength of 60-62 Rockwell.

Characteristics of Santoku knife Vulcanus Absolute ML by Felix Solingen

  • Blade length (cm): 20
  • Overall length (cm): 32.5   
  • Blade: VG10 67-layer Damascus stainless steel
  • Handle: Plastic of PA6-Polyamide (nylon) 
  • Manufacturer: Felix Solingen 

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