Replica of knife penknife

José Expósito

Cuchillo Cortaplumas


Replica from XVII century knife penknife of Pedro Vicemperez year 1693, handmade by the Master Artisan José Expósito Picazo,Mo-Va stainless steel, 3.75mm thickness, laser-etched with the original inscriptions of that time "PEDRO VICEMPEREZ CUCHILLERO DEL REY Nº. SR." y "EN ALBAZETE AÑO DE 1693". The original piece is located in the current Municipal Museum of Albacete. Knife with case and certificate.

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143,00 €

Length (cm): 8  

Overall length (cm): 17  

Blade: Mo-Va stainless steel  

Handle: Mo-Va stainless steel    

Manufacturer: Jose Exposito 

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