Composite Salamander folding knife

Ramón González



Composite Salamander folding knife.

Salamander folding knife manufactured by craftsman Ramon Gonzalez from Albace (Spain), we show you one of his latest novelties very well-dressed for the ocasion and with an awesome finished.

MoVa stainless steel blade, 3mm thickness, no hollowed blade, mirror polished, with nail notches and blade marked by Artesano 0200448, liners of stainless steel, decorated slip joint spring and ring with lanyard.

Outstanding composite scales made of Alumina chips giving it a polite and unique looking.

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69,00 €

Characteristics of Composite Salamander folding knife

  • Blade length (cm): 7.7
  • Overall length (cm): 22   
  • Blade: Mo-Va stainless steel
  • Handle: Scales of walnut wood
  • Manufacturer: Ramón González