Sardinian folding knive from Guspiní



Sardinian handcrafted folding knife typical from Guspini(Sardinia), Carbon steel blade, 2,75mm thickness, no hollowed, etchet blade on one side, with the letter "G", with an emblematic monument called "NURAGHI" and with word "Juritto", on the other side with a goose, brass bolster satined, engraved by burin with emblematic monument called "NURAGHI" with rivet of stainless steel. Handle of Savin wood selected.

"NURAGHI", in Spanish "NURAGA", is a megalithic building typical from Sardinia, it is tower shaped with geometrical form of a broken cone or divided by half, the structure has no foundations and is supported only by the weight of the stones that form it, currently, it has become the symbol of Sardinia.

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193,00 €

Length (cm): 17 blade  

Overall length (cm): 36  

Blade: Carbon steel    

Handle: Savin wood

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