Purchase terms

The present general conditions of contracting are applied to all the commercial transactions realized in our online shop, www.cuchilleriaamos.com, in forward The Seller. 

For more information about The Seller and our privacy policyplease consult the Legal Notice located at the bottom of every page of this shop.

Please, carefully read the present Conditions of Purchase and our legal Notice before ordering. If you are not in agreement with all the Conditions of Purchase and with the Legal Notice, you must not make any order.


1. The formulation of an order will imply the acceptance of the buyer of all the general and particular conditions expressed in the present web page. Its acceptance implies submission to all the rights and obligations contained therein, as well as under the current legislation and especially in all that it turns out to be applicable for the Law of Electronic Commerce Services of the Spanish Ministry of Industry.


2. Contents and information supplied in the website

The Seller saves himself the right to modify the commercial offer presented in www.cuchilleriaamos.com (modifications on products, prices, promotions and other commercial and service conditions) at any time.

www.cuchilleriaamos.com commercializes diverse products, amongst them knives and folding knives.

Each of the products commercialized by www.cuchilleriaamos.com has a detailed information sheet, in which a photograph, the name of the product and adescription is included.

As for the photos, we try to have them to be as accurate as possible to reflect perfectly the characteristics of the products. Nevertheless, the folding knives and handcrafted knives or with natural materials can seem to change in tone and colors, even being the same product of the photo.

The Seller makes every effort within his means to offer the information contained in www.cuchilleriaamos.com truthfully and without typographical errors. In the case that in some moment some mistake of this type occurs, foreign at all time to the will of The Seller, The Seller would proceed immediately to his correction.

If there is a typographical error in one of the showed prices and some Client has made a purchase decision based on the above mentioned mistake, The Seller will communicate the above mentioned mistake to the Client and the Client will have right to rescind his purchase without any cost for him.

In the case that the information provided does not correspond to the characteristics of the product, the Client will have right to rescind his purchase without any cost for him.


3. The prices of the offered products are the available ones nowadays, without binding the existence of different prices in other dates. Therefore, the valid prices will be those which amount coincides with the published one in the date of the purchase of the order with Amos Nunezcuchillero S.L. web page.

The offers are due marked and identified as such and they will have efficiency while they appear in the web and stock is available.


4. If by deficit of stock some reference was not available or there was some type of incident, we will immediately contact the Client to communicate to him the fact and date of availability, to propose a change for another reference or to cancel the order and to proceed to the return of the amount in case of having paid. In no case the deficit of stock or nonexistence of requested products will give some right of claim to the buyer different from the return of the amount, given the dependence of the offer and availability of products.


5. System of sale

 To make a purchase, the user can use:

 -  Websitewww.cuchilleriaamos.com,  through the "shopping cart".

 -  Telephone o Whatsapp: (+34) 630 15 48 40 Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 8:30 pm. On Saturdays from 9 am to 1:00 pm.


6. Taxes

The prices of the products shown in the web page www.cuchilleriaamos.com, include the Value-added tax (21% VAT).

The purchases that are going to be delivered inside the territory of anyof the member states of the European Union will be subject to VAT.


7. Form of payment


On having formulated the order, the Client can freely choose to pay the purchases by means of:

-  Bank Transfer

Bank information for the transfer:

Account Number: You will be able to see it during the purchase process.

Headline: Amos Nunez, cuchillero

The Client has to introduce his name as concept.

The Client will have to send voucher of the transfer, by e-mail to pedidos@cuchilleriaamos.com 

The orders are sent once the confirmation of the payment has been received.


 -  PayPal®

PayPal is a simple, fast, and risk-free way to pay using your credit card, debit card or bank account. This form of payment does not have any additional cost on the total of the order.

You can pay with your credit or debit card, through PayPal’s secure server without need to open a PayPal account.

More information in www.paypal.com

All the forms of payment that we put to the Client disposition, offer all the guarantees of safety in order to make purchases.

 -  Cash on delivery

The Client will pay an additional charge of 4% of the total amount purchase (shipping costs excluded), with a minimum charge of 3 Euros.

All manners of payments at your disposal offer all safety guaranties in order to make a purchase.

8. Shipping

On having made the purchase, The Client will be able to select the form of shipping for his zone of delivery. He/She will have to bear in mind that the delivery times, the point of delivery and the cost will be different for every form of transport.

The Seller sends the orders to his Clients across different companies of transport of recognized national and international prestige. The delivery date in the address of the Client depends on the availability of the select product and on the zone of sending.

The period of transport can be altered by extraordinary incidents in the transporter and for difficulties in the delivery of the goods, reasons beyond Amos Nunez, cuchillero S.L..

In the exceptional case of taking place a variation of the amount of the costs of sending confirmed on having realized the purchase, The Seller will communicate the variation via e-mail to the Client and the Client will be able to choose to cancel his order at no cost.


Shipping costs (see table)

International orders:  For the orders out of Spain the expense of shipping will depend on the zone of sending.

For more information about the cost of shipping to your country contact us by info@cuchilleriaamos.com

For the orders out of Spain the final costs of sending can change with regard to the indicated ones on having confirmed the purchase. In case this situation happens, The Seller will communicate the variation via e-mail to the Client and the Client will be able to choose to cancel his order without incurring any cost.

In Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra , the local taxes and the amounts derived from the steps of customs offices will have to be paid by the Client. In case of return of the order in these areas, The Seller does not refund the shipping costs, customs clearance and local taxes.

Outside the European Community may be customs charges and other surcharges of different amount depending on country of destination. These taxes and charges are always responsibility of the Client.

Free Shipping

Shipping costs are free for purchase orders from 40 € (VAT included), for Peninsula, Balearics and Portugal.


Delivery time: between 24h and 72h, for orders to be delivered inside Spain.

See tables of  “shipping costs” for the rest of the areas.

Orders will be sent from Monday to Friday. Exceptionally, you can request to be delivered on Saturday in pedidos@cuchilleriaamos.com


9. Returns and cancellations

The Client will have a term of 15 calendar days from the reception of the product to notify to The Seller any return or incident in the delivery. It will be able to do it by e-mail to info@cuchilleriaamos.com or by telephone  (+34) 630 15 48 40.

The Client will be informed about the process to follow for the return when he should contact The Seller to notify the incident.

It is important that the product is returned to The Seller in the condition in which it was shipped. If it is not like that, or if the returned products have been object of a long visible use, the return will not be made.

To make the return will be necessary:

- A copy of the invoice that was sent with your order.
- That the package goes perfectly packaged.

There will be no charge back to the Client, since the return costs of the product will be on the Seller.

Once the Seller has received the product back, and has checked its condition, he will proceed to the refund or change for other product of a similar amount paid.

By means of this process, The Seller will refund the price (included VAT) of the product object of return, without any commitment or additional expenses. The amount of shipping will not be refund in any case. The shipping costs shall be borne by the Seller, only in the case the product not corresponding to the order made by the Client.


In case of return of the order in Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra, The Seller will not refund the shipping costs, customs clearance or local taxes.

Cancelation: The Client may cancel his order, provided that he/she notifies before the product is shipped by the Seller. Failure to fulfill this condition shall be deemed Return.


10. Customer Service

If you have any questions about the website or the products or services we offer, please contact us by phone or whatsapp (+34) 630 15 48 40 or email info@cuchilleriaamos.com



Shipping Costs

 * Except Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Channel Islands, San Marino, Turkey, Russia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

For information on shipping costs to your country, contact us at info@cuchilleriaamos.com

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